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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been posting a number of in-depth articles here on Alex Blog for several weeks now, and it's been fun sharing what I've learned. A few people have noticed, namely my employer, and they've asked if I would start writing posts about the platform for the company blog. Sundog, factually speaking, is the greatest employer ever, so I happily agreed. Therefore, my technical articles will start appearing on the Sundog blog.

Now, I'll probably keep posting commentary about here along with links to the Sundog blog, and I'll experiment with posting about other topics that interest me, such as Rails and web application architectures, and functional languages, such as Haskell. So never fear! Educational content should keep appearing! But to keep listening to my articles, you can try subscribing to my Sundog RSS feed:

Check out my first post on the Sundog blog about the Comet model, about which Pat Patterson is hosting a webinar in two days.

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