Backbone Requires a Main View for the App?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here's a continuation of time spent considering my previous problem: Backbone.js and its view-centric MVC architecture.

Would we really want a model to be able to render itself to the page? Considering the information it has, I don't think we want it to. First of all, how does it know where in the DOM to draw itself? I suppose we could give it a specific DOM element as an attribute when create the model, then it would know where to draw itself. But, what if this model is in a collection, such as a list? How does it know where in the list to render? We could probably wrestle through this problem, but the code would get mangled somewhat, and each model instance would get pretty heavy.

It seems, then, that this task of rendering a model is best performed by either the model's collection or its view. In other MVC frameworks, a 'controller' is used to place the model's information in the view's DOM. In backbone, this is the responsibility of the 'View' object. Why is it called View instead of Controller? I believe it was named this way because it is meant to 'resolve to' HTML code. Not a name that suits the MVC style, but I can see the logic.

A Backbone app, then, requires a main view (controller) that spawns views and models, using these views and models purely for code organization's sake, delegating to them solely the task of data integrity. I started hacking at my backbone app thinking that the main view's (controller's) job is just to initialize everything, but this is not the case. Instead, it is in charge of creating and destroying the various Views and Models in your app and associating models with views.
(Still not sure of the recommended relationships between views and models. I'll have to keep reading stackoverflow's backbone tag responses to learn more.)

I'm starting to think that this framework is overkill for what I'm trying to do. Something like knockout.js seems like a smarter choice. I've heard the developer say that it is great for creating "JSON editors". That is, request JSON from the server, then bind its attributes to fields for easy editing. That is also on my list of libraries to try.

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